The Many Business Ideas Of The Emineican Republic,

The Emineican Republic, even in its early days was tinkering with the idea of starting businesses, although due to its small size it was hard off shoring these to other members, so the ideas usually fell flat, Emineico himself a few times, then set up meetings with heads of state, and most notably started talking about ideas with Head of Research and Minister of Production Edward, about the theoretical application of these businesses in The Emineican Republic, the use of them and their future, many ideas where made but around this early time none really came to fruition. 

Emineican Artist Production Hub 

The first idea was that of a art and media production centre, where artists would post their creations and The Emineican Republic would give them the lime light to grow and get a audience, whilst taking a small percentage, this would obviously be done a mass scale, giving the majority of the cash to the artist as a wage, but then taking that small amount to further the development of other projects. The only bane to this idea was the lack of co-ordination, but most importantly procrastination, and timing, during this time many problems where going down, the most notable being that of the Fourth Reich and the attack against the server, this disrupted this idea and the other notable idea of The Emineican Republic. 

Emineican Server Farm Ideas/Hosting

 The other idea issued by The Emineican Republic in this time, was a bot idea, in the early days of discord making bots was a difficult and wanted task, and especially a raid bot, a lot of research and development by the state was put into it, and Head of Research and Minister of Production Edward, was tasked with the plan of making a bot hosting platform and maybe even in the future a game server hosting platform. State member Edward cracked onto the task, and built the first server farm of The Emineican Republic, consisting of a few raspberry pi's linked together and hooked up to a computer, these would be sold then to people wanting to host things on them, it also allowed the bot for The Emineican Republic, to stay on 24/7 and never turn off, as long as the raspberry pi's where all on, which they where, 24/7 as well, the cost of these is unknown but it is in the ranges of $10 to $80, either way after the great discord war and the first attack the bot was lost, and the interest was moved away from the bot program seen as discord had advanced in the short time, although talks have been going through and are under way for a possible revival of this project, although under drastically different circumstances.