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This page details the entire history of The Emineican Republic and its history.

The Summary

The Emineican Republic is a micro-nation created by the leader Emineico many years ago, But most agree that its real creation was in 2012 and to simplify and many celebrate October 17 and the day it all started, after that the country ran slow and didn't grow any larger until the second rebirth in the year 2014, This was around September but on the 21st of September again it died down. The Emineican republic finally become a real micro-nation on the 16th of June, known as its independence day and creation day finally, currently as of 2018 it is recovering from a attack on the main discord server and is outsourcing labour, trying to build up a following, as plans for operation republic, the creation of the republic in the territory in which Liberland claimed, via the means of either one of two options, 1 paying the Serbian government a fee to settle there and build up, or via mass referendum, today The Emineican republic can boast about good progression and a rich yet short history. As of 2019 the server is slowly attempting to regain its former size.

The Emineican Republic follows the ideology founded by the great leader Emineico himself and refuses to be called anything else but Emineicanist, The nations ideology is called Emineicanism and it is a more nationalist ideology, but its called communist by most outsiders these are all insane lies though.

Emineico is the leader of the nation and the founder, and currently rules it today, although he did create the Emineican republic as a joke, he has decided to go full larper mode and run with the gag that he is some supreme deity sent from the heavens. Today he accepts a various array of titles, each exceeding the other in ridiculousness

The Nation Is Located in Europe but the nation boasts members via its online server, in many multiples of countries, it is officially located though in the disputed area between Serbia and Croatia, that some know as Liberland but is also claimed by The Emineican republic.

The micro-nation yet boasts no military, although plans recently have been underway to create mock militia squads to go promote the nation as a actual place and also protect heads of state in their locations around the world, although only now in the united kingdom, currently home of the leader Emineico, it overtime is expected to be up in Norway. Home of minister of production Edward.

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